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Management of BANTOK School (MBS) Series

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Transform and Grow your company continuously 
While balancing "Corporate philosophy" and "Profits"

the 3-day intensive seminar series

Want to transfrom and grow your marketing and team management? Learn BANTOK philosophy and framework to achieve continuous growth while balancing corporate philosophy and profits.

Management of BANTOK School

Management of Bantok School

Learn the "Fundamentals of BANTOK Marketing," an unique marketing approach based on the Japanese traditional business principle of Omi merchants, triple win for the seller, buyer, and society. This course aims to enhance your “ability to attract and acquire the targeted clients.” You will learn how to develop revenue-generating strategies. If you are a business owner struggling with issues like "unable to expand the business" or "having problems in managing an organization," this is your first step.

MBS1: Verbalization
Fundamentals of BANTOK Marketing

Optimize various aspects of your organization to make it more profitable. You will learn how to “optimize” quality control, customer service, sales processes, and cost reduction systems to achieve maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

This course focuses on enhancing your self-leadership skills. You will learn how to shift your mindset from "I can't do it" to "how I can do it?" and enhance personal development and execution abilities. As the world digitalizes rapidly, this course teaches you the leadership styles required in this era and how to maximize organizational outcomes by understanding what the future of leadership entails.

Cultivate “leadership skills of team member.” Nurturing new leaders is essential for organizational growth. You will learn the skills to cultivate leaders within your organization, even if your company is still not in a position to train leaders. By deepening your understanding of your team members and improving the quality of your communication, this 3-day seminar will equip you with the ability to train leaders who can nurture their own subordinates effectively.

MBS4:Development of the Organization
BANTOK Leadership: Implementation

MBS4 Schedule:

Master BANTOK Management, learning thinking methods and adopting corporate culture. With ethical management practices, you will master managing operations using key performance indicators (KPIs) and investing time and money in personnel development and new product development.

BANTOK Management: Implementation

 *Limited to owners and executives involved in salary decisions

Follow-up Community

Membership program: One-year follow-up (monthly follow-up (online))

The "Follow-up Community" for continuous action support is a free service for MBS members, which they can participate in for one year (held monthly). In the Follow-up Community, we focus on practical actions. Moreover, it is a valuable opportunity for participants to connect with each other.

Enhancing "Practical skills"


MBS1 Implementation Annual Course
 (once a month for 12 months)

Clarify the mechanism that generates repeatable revenue and build a "winning pattern" throughout the year, which brings joy and happiness to employees and customers and generates high profits, and connects to tangible results. You will create a success model that says, "If you do this, it will work!"  

MBS Corporate Plan (Continuous Learning)

Managers believe in employees, and employees believe in their managers. Create a chain of happiness within the company and expand the business.

With the BANTOK Business School series, you can take classes as many times as you want. Learn about the roles of managers and employees, eliminate misunderstandings about work, and create a chain of happiness within the company while quickly achieving results as an organization. 


We were able to grow to over 6,500 employees and annual sales of 130 billion yen

Having our executives attend the course brought significant changes in cultivating their management awareness and business mindset. Regarding our business performance, we have been able to grow our company from around 6 billion yen in sales to over 130 billion yen in just a few years.

Dr. Yoshiyuki Aikawa, Representative of Shonan Beauty Clinic

Record-breaking sales the month after attending the course

I attended the 3-day marketing course to change my business style from working alone to one that operates even when I'm not there. We were able to achieve our best performance ever the month after participating in the course. You can learn about marketing, which is about providing value to patients, from both the best aspects of Western and Eastern perspectives.

Dr. Hiroyuki Kogure, Director of Ariake Minna Clinic

I am confident that the company's performance changed.
I strongly recommend attending the course at least once.

Since this was my first time learning about marketing, I decided to attend the course to help realize my vision for future speaking engagements. As a result, it was an incredibly valuable learning experience. I am looking forward to attending more sessions.

Mr. Keisuke Oshima, Founder of NPO Corporation Izakaya Koshien

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