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We were able to grow to over 6,500 employees and annual sales of 130 billion yen

Having our executives attend the course brought significant changes in cultivating their management awareness and business mindset. Regarding our business performance, we have been able to grow our company from around 6 billion yen in sales to over 130 billion yen in just a few years.

Dr. Yoshiyuki Aikawa, CEO of Shonan Beauty Clinic

In the 13 years since its founding, the company has grown to exceed 11 billion yen in sales and 1 billion yen in ordinary profits

When I first attended the course, I had only three employees. Now, thanks to your support, we have grown to over 170 employees, with sales of 11 billion yen and ordinary profits of over 1 billion yen in 13 years since our founding. We still have a long way to go, but we want to be a company that is supported by our customers, connecting with them not through interests, but through our philosophy of "creating peace of mind in life, family, and asset management."

Yoshitake Oya, CEO of Musashi Corporation

I could open 80 additional stores even during the COVID-19 pandemic!

We were a company with about 50 restaurants and sales of about 4.5 billion yen, but our sales halved during the pandemic, and we were in a critical situation. However, incorporating the lessons from LearningEdge has led to good results today. Now, with the launch of a new brand, the number of stores has increased by 80 in less than three years, even during the pandemic, and is expected to reach 100 stores. Participating with staff creates a common language within the company, making it easier to make progress and achieve results. The number of interpersonal relationship troubles has also decreased. Since skills, know-how, and mindset are all integrated, all employees become fully-employed withi n a year, and about 30 senior executives have attended the course at our company.

Ken Fujita, CEO of GOSSO Co., Ltd.

I am confident that the company's performance changed. I strongly recommend attending the course at least once.

Since this was my first time learning about marketing, I decided to attend the course to help realize my vision for future speaking engagements. As a result, it was an incredibly valuable learning experience. I now understand how wasteful our previous practices were. I am looking forward to attending more sessions.

Keisuke Oshima, Founder of NPO Corporation Izakaya Koshien

Record-breaking sales the month after attending the course

I attended the 3-day marketing course to change my business style from working alone to one that operates even when I'm not there. We were able to achieve our best performance ever the month after participating in the course. You can learn about marketing, which is about providing value to patients, from both the best aspects of Western and Eastern perspectives.

Dr. Hiroyuki Kogure, Director of Ariake Minna Clinic

No.1 in total amount received by Century 21 in the Kyushu region for two consecutive years

I studied marketing and management. Within the company, together with employees, we have repeatedly read and studied the marketing texts received from Seminars. Thanks to that, our performance has improved, and the total amount received by Century 21 in the Kyushu region has been number one for two consecutive years.

Mr. Fumiaki Sakai, President and CEO of Century 21 Oita Best Real Estate

Successfully attracting customers nationwide with marketing as a weapon

The tax accountant industry is extremely difficult to differentiate. Moreover, there are many tax accountants, and competition is intensifying. In order to differentiate ourselves from other firms, our company has developed a product that provides not only accounting and tax support but also financial and management support. Our company participated in the LearningEdge course to learn marketing, which is at the core of this product. 

As a result of the learning at LearningEdge, our company has successfully attracted customers nationwide using marketing and DX, which have been rarely brought in by professional services. Sharing the learning with our staff has also created a common language and unified our purpose. I strongly recommend this content for other professionals as well.

Takeo Ogino, Representative Tax Counsellor of Tax Accountant Corporation JNEXT

Sales and the number of employees doubled

Taking three days off from work to attend an intensive course is a high hurdle. However, if you learn well and internalize the knowledge, the effects will have lifelong value, not just for one month. This course offers that value. I myself attended this intensive course and have seen both the number of employees and sales double, and I feel that we have developed into one of the leading medical corporations in Japan that can contribute more to the community. This achievement would not have been possible without this course.

Dr. Hitoshi Umeoka, President of the Medical Corporation Umehanakai Group

Overcomes the common sense of the dental industry!

Reconsidering the business model that was within the bounds of the dental industry's common sense has significant meaning. They taught me the framework, so I know in what order to think about things and where to test them. That's the key. Thanks to this, I never get lost. No matter what other clinics do, I have my own axis. Having this "thinking power" installed has made its asset value priceless.

Dr. Masashi Sonobe, Director of Sonobe Dental Clinic and Shirokane Children's Dentist

Achieved the highest sales ever

By understanding the concept of customer lifetime value, my thinking about advertising expenses has changed significantly. In fact, at our clinic, we doubled the cost of search-linked online advertising based on customer lifetime value, and the number of new patients per day, which had been stagnating at around 120, increased to around 150, resulting in the highest sales ever.

Dr. Rintaro Hasuike, Director of Shinjuku Ekimae Clinic

Inspiration galore! My motivation skyrocketed!

After participating in MBS1, I was filled with inspiration and ideas, and my motivation to create promotional videos skyrocketed! I had the impression that MBS was mainly attended by inflexible men, but when I actually attended, there were people who had just started their businesses and didn't know what to do, so the threshold was low and it was easy to participate. I think some people may be hesitant about the cost, but I felt that just getting to know and talk with the entrepreneurs who came to the seminar made the investment and participation worthwhile.

Chigusa Aoki, President of CITTA Inc.

Transformed into an organization with everyone involved in management, running smoothly even without the president!

While participating in various seminars, I began thinking that I wanted to “create an organization.” I was encountered by President Shimizu and decided to sign a corporate contract to learn how to materialize my thoughts. Through the LearningEdge courses, we were able to create a common language, allowing us to make consistent decisions that were not dependent on someone's influence. Moreover, we became an organization that could fully utilize each person's strengths by recognizing someone's "weak" aspects as "characteristics" instead of taking them negatively. As a result, we were able to open three new facilities in May and June, including one home care and two day service facilities. The relationships among employees have improved, and the course members are particularly happy with the changes in the company over the past year and feel the growth.

Nana Kuzume, Representative of Seventh Sky Co., Ltd.

Record sales despite the pandemic

I wanted to maintain a company that wouldn't lose to the pandemic, so I joined MBS after being introduced by an acquaintance. I had only heard of the word "marketing" but had never studied it before. Until now, I had only thought about the seller's perspective, but I learned that it is important to understand who the customer is, what they are struggling with, and what good can come from solving their problems. By polishing and proposing this knowledge as our company's strengths, as a third-generation company president of our 70-year-old company I achieved its highest-ever sales despite the pandemic. Currently, I want to keep a positive attitude and take action without giving up in this difficult pandemic situation.

Masaaki Takahashi, President and CEO of Yuzawa Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.

A 123% performance compared to the same month last year despite the pandemic!

My impression after attending MBS was, briefly, "I want to put this into practice as soon as possible." I realized how fortunate I had been to manage my company for 15 years without knowing specific methods and reflected on that. I started by putting sticky notes on things that could be implemented immediately and shared them with all employees in internal study sessions. As a result, our sales, which had been sluggish for about two months due to the impact of the coronavirus, reached 123% compared to the same month last year in January 2021, and our performance is recovering smoothly. I felt that LearningEdge's marketing and their approach to participant students were genuine, and I hope to make more friends to learn with.

Noriyuki Iida, President of Nine Design Co., Ltd.

I'm getting paid and attracting clients

Following the marketing I learned, I collaborated with organizations and groups that have lists or members. Specifically, a lecture at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry went well, and I succeeded in regularly attracting customers as a seminar lecturer. By creating a new sales funnel, I can attract customers not only without spending money but also by getting paid. From this idea alone, the sales exceeded 50 million yen. I am grateful.

Junya Kusama, President of Web Eight

Making LearningEdge a Business Partner

Shortly after becoming independent, I hadn't learned anything and was struggling just to keep my business going. As I deepened my learning, I started to see results. Now, one of my specialties is the "JV (Joint Venture)" strategy. I have also secured a partnership with a major certification school! By putting into practice what I've been taught, even difficult negotiations have become smoother. The contract closing rate per seminar has also significantly improved!

Mitsuhiro Takayama, CEO of T&T BUDGET CONSULTING Inc.

Utilizing as Employee Education

This course is not only educational but also very practical and can be applied to real-world tasks. I had my employees attend the course, and as a result, they realized the depth of marketing, noticing that they had been taking knowledge for granted and that there is still so much to learn. Executive employees themselves also re-evaluated their own level, leading to more management-focused initiatives, considering the effects on the company such as necessary structures and personnel, and taking action accordingly.

Shingo Nagahashi, CEO of Digital Athlete Inc.

One Output for Every Lesson Learned

Our company has been operating for 39 years, and as the nature of the work varies greatly between departments, we are learning marketing and leadership at LearningEdge with each department leader. One thing we value in our learning process is output. Employees themselves are conscious of putting at least one thing they've learned into action, and from my perspective, they are boldly challenging things that make me think, "What? Are they really doing that?" I am proud that my employees are taking action without being bound by fixed ideas.

Shinichiro Tanaka, President and CEO of Joyaku Research Institute Inc.

The Impact of External Strategy Meetings is Immense!

Before attending the intensive course, our internal strategy meetings tended to be one-sided. After hearing about joint ventures in the intensive course, we started holding external strategy meetings with two external web design companies to consider designs and copy from a customer-centric perspective together. By clarifying our strengths and attracting customers using the learned tactics, we have been able to receive orders through customer-centric websites and blogs. Additionally, we implemented campaigns to increase customer satisfaction by incorporating emotional design, which has been well-received by customers and has led to word-of-mouth referrals through social media. Thanks to these efforts, our sales have increased from 30 million yen before the course to 80 million yen, and we are now aiming for 100 million yen.

Hirotsugu Takeshita, Representative of Rakuno Farm Takeshita

A 82% Repeat Rate! Working While Making Customers Happy

Even a year and a half after opening our photo studio, we struggled to attract customers and had no idea what to do. After attending the MBS course, understanding marketing fundamentals such as 3C analysis and sales systems, we were able to clearly identify what we should do, and it was eye-opening that we could do all of this without spending money.

By attending the course multiple times as a strategy meeting with our employees and accumulating learning and practice, we now have a 82% repeat rate after seven and a half years. By thinking from the customer's perspective, we can operate the studio while making our customers happy.

Miwako Kureha, Tao Ton Villa Inc.

Awarded the "Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Award" for Two Consecutive Years! Featured by Celebrities

Before attending the course, our marketing approach was based on the thought that "people might not understand our commitment." After the course, we revisited the 3C analysis and branding and developed "True Whitebait" to convey our 80-year-old company's commitment. Thankfully, we have been awarded the "Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries Award" for two consecutive years. Currently, our collaboration is accelerating, with comedians like Yoshimoto Kogyo promoting us on social media.

Nobukatsu Komatsu, Komatsu Fisheries Inc.

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